Thursday, May 11, 2023

Boylston Chess: Summer Clinic with GM Fidel Corrales Week #1


 Summer Chess Clinic 

with GM Fidel Corrales 
Week #1  
 Week 1 Unrated - 1800 USCF  
 Monday, July 31st - Friday, August 4th
DateMonday, July 31, 2023                                     Week 1 Unrated - 1800 USCF
Monday, July 31st - Friday, August 4th   
Entry Fee$450 for Full Day, $250 for Half Day
Round Times9:00am - 4:00pm
DescriptionSee our clinic page for full details.

9am - 12pm Morning Instruction
Instruction will generally run in 50 minute blocks with 10 minutes to allow for breaks and conversation

12pm - 1pm Lunch
Students may bring their own food to the club, or the Boylston's neighborhood offers many wonderful options for dining out and taking in Downtown.

1pm - 4pm Afternoon Instruction
Structured as above.

Over the course of the clinic, students will have opportunities to learn from their own games, play practice exercises against similarly-rated students, receive direct teacher feedback and supervision from a strong GM, and meet fellow chess enthusiasts in the Boston area.
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The Boylston Summer Clinic Program for 2023

Prices Go Up June 1st! Register ASAP!

We are delighted to announce more details about our summer clinics. Included below is more information about some of the topics that our instructor will cover in each week of the program:

Week 1 Curriculum (<1800 USCF)

Building an Opening Repertoire -- Learn how to find openings that suit your style, how to memorize effectively, and how to find chess "heroes" to learn the finer details!

How to Best Study Tactics - Don't just mindlessly click through puzzles. Learn about the best resources and the best training regimens.

The Basics of Rook Endgames -- Master the Philidor and Lucena Positions and learn how to save half-points and steal wins!

The Basics of King and Pawn -- See the principles of great endgame play as demonstrated by the great master Akiba Rubinstein.

Piece Activity and Dynamic Play -- Learn to sacrifice material and fight with energy!

Training in Tactical Openings -- After this one, you'll be heading into complications with no fear.

Pawn Structure and Planning -- Every chess player ends up in unfamiliar positions sometimes; learn how to orient yourself and make a plan even when you're "out of book!"

Individual Game Analysis by the Instructor

Week 2 Curriculum (1800+ USCF)

How to Prepare Against a Specific Opponent -- Playing at the top table in the final round and need an edge? Trying to knock off the big dog at your club (or maybe your dining room table)? Let the Grandmaster show you they prepare at the professional level.

Minor Piece Imbalances: Bishop vs. Knight -- Learn more about this most fascinating relationship between two "equal-value" pieces.

Piece Quality -- When is a "Bad" Bishop Good? Learn the subtleties behind improving your pieces on every turn.

Advanced Rook and Queen Endgames -- Go deeper into these sharp battles, where one inaccuracy often leads to complete disaster.

Weak Pawns -- Take your opponent's soft spot and turn it into a game-long headache.

Opposite-sides Castling Positions -- It's a foot-race to checkmate: don't get caught flat-footed!

Thematic Attacks -- Sacrifices on f7 and h7

When to Trade Pieces

Individual Game Analysis by the Instructor

In addition to these topics, Fidel may revisit Week 1 topics at a more complex level. In addition to attending lectures, students in both clinics will have opportunities to play against their cohort several times over the week and analyze their games afterwards.




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