Monday, March 27, 2006

The Burdens of Knighthood

Many of the Knights have rightly pointed out that Michael De La Maza was unemployed during the period when he was pursuing his 7 circles training. I suppose it is also worth pointing out that he didn't have blogging as a time sink either. Most of today's Knights Errant don't find themselves under such favorable chess training circumstances, though I'm sure having an income is considered by most to be adequate compensation. Instead, now and again a Knight concludes that Caissa's (or MDLM's) call must be forsaken for other priorities. In the past few days, two such declarations have been made.

Mousetrapper has indicated that life and work preclude him from actively blogging for an indeterminate amount of time. Since he is already an MDLM graduate, I have listed his blog as such on the Other Knights Errant list.

DutchDefence plans to keep blogging but has concluded that it no longer makes sense to call himself a Knight.
Since i am doing nothing really de la Maza like, as in circlish, concentric squarish things and all that, i really do not see much of a reason for me to stay on.
Back in the day, when a Knight threatened to quit others would rally around and encourage him to continue (J'adoube comes to mind). But times apparently have changed; no one has yet appealed to Edwin to remain a Knight. For now, I have removed him from the list of active Knights and added his blog to the general sidebar.

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