Wednesday, March 15, 2006

New Knight, Old Knight?

Happened upon a new Knight this week ... well, sort of. Dragonslayer is authored by the same blogger who previously abandoned A Dragon's Quest. Now he's back for more CT-Art punishment. Why a new blog instead of continuing the old one? He hasn't said. Perhaps he forgot his Blogger password.

In more listing news:
  • Ilanchess and the French blog ChessLand went 404.
  • Twelve other blogs have been relisted as Inactive. The most notable is probably Rocky Kasparov, which I thought had great potential as the only blog covering Chessboxing training.
  • I finally got around to translating Chess Collector again and discovered that the most recent post announced its end. A real disappointment, but I decided to make it an instant Classic. I did the same with the 2006 Champblog, now that the US Championship is over.
  • Plenty of new listings including Chesswitch (another female chess blogger), NM Jeff Ashton's Chess Training Blog, and Kirk's Chess Odyssey (the "K" in all the C vs. K games posted at C's Chess).
  • And, as has been mentioned elsewhere (here and here), two GMs have recently joined the blogosphere and earned a spot on the sidebar. Pascal Charbonneau's blog shows great potential; on the other hand, Gata Kamsky has posted only once and I wouldn't be surprised if he makes a quick exit for the Inactive list.

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