Thursday, March 30, 2006

Encounters in Kalmykia

Howard Goldowsky gave me a heads-up to a new book which is coming out soon. Lost Cosmonaut by Daniel Kalder was published recently in the UK and is coming to the States in August. Here is's synopsis:
Lost Cosmonaut documents Daniel Kalder's travels in the bizarre and mysterious worlds of Russia's ethnic republics. Obsessed with a quest he never fully understands, Kalder boldly goes where no man has gone before: in the deserts of Kalmykia, he stumbles upon a city dedicated to chess and a forgotten tribe of Mongols; in Mari El, home to Europe's last pagan nation, he meets the Chief Druid and participates in an ancient rite; while in the bleak industrial badlands of Udmurtia, Kalder looks for Mikhail Kalashnikov, inventor of the AK-47, and accidentally becomes a TV star. Profane yet wise, utterly honest and yet full of lies, "Lost Cosmonaut" is an eye-opening, blackly comic tour of the most alien planet in our cosmos: Earth.
Howard expressed the hope that "by the time Lost Cosmonaut comes out, Kirsan and Chess City will be history."

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