Saturday, March 04, 2006

Women's Chess (Blogging)

Just like in the world of chess playing, there appear to be very few female chess bloggers -- at least only a couple who overtly claim to be so (for all I know, you might all be girls posing online as male chessplayers!). There was Margriet - The Princess Errant and the long inactive blog Sonja's Chess Journey. I suppose you could consider Susan Polgar's blogs to be in this category, although there is much speculation about whether they are ghost written -- possibly by a man (gasp!). GM Alexandra Kosteniuk's podcasts might also qualify. That's about it ... until now!

I recently discovered Perceptual Pawn, a chess blog written by Cecilia from Sweden. If her picture is any indication, I suspect she'd be one of those incredibly distracting OTB opponents that Howard Goldowsky was talking about.

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