Tuesday, March 07, 2006

USCL announces expansion plans

The US Chess League has announced plans to add two new teams for their second season of competition.

The first will be in Seattle and will be managed by Slugfest's Clint Ballard. Players committed to the team include GM Gregory Serper, IM Giorgi Orlov and IM Eric Tangborn. I don't know how strong they will be, but there is no doubt that they will have the best looking cheerleaders!
The second team will hail from Tennessee, and like the Carolina Cobras will represent an entire state rather than a single city (I guess to be technical, Carolina actually covers two states -- not that there's anything wrong with that ... we have the New England Patriots after all). Tennessee will feature IM Ron Burnett, blogger FM Peter Bereolos, and FM Todd Andrews (who is also team manager).

As for team names, say hello to the Seattle Sluggers. Slugfest...Sluggers, get it? Given my previous post on USCL expansion plans (which you will need to read now in order to get the attempted humor which immediately follows), I was hoping they might have gone with the Seattle Sablefish. The other expansion team has yet to choose a name; I'll be pulling for the Tennessee Tzimmes.

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