Sunday, March 13, 2005

Don't forget to read the comments

Awhile back, Pawn Sensei expressed surprise over the fact that I mined a comment from one of the Knight's blogs as the basis for a post. First off, I am an equal opportunity idea "stealer", but, more importantly, sometimes the great ideas are in the responses. Here is such a case:

Nezha's post "Two Ideas" (a good read in its own right) led to several comments which I believe get to the heart of the relevance, significance and healthy growth of the Knights Errant community. To put it simply, the Knights are walking, not talking.
Yesterday evening I read some posts on a few chess improvement forums. What they wrote there was a lot of chit-chat about what probably would happen if one should follow this or that training method. A lot of semantics misunderstanding too. What I like about the Knights is that they are working. So I like to do things in the following order: 1st: get results, 2nd: have a big mouth and chit-chat. Not the other way around. - Temposchlucker

One of the great virtues of de la Maza's program is that it is simple. You either do the problems or not, so it is easy to define whether or not you have succeeded. No doubt there are more effective programs, but many seem forever to debate the ultimate study program without actually starting it. - Don

The biggest difference between the knights and everyone else, is that we are actually making a concerted, organized effort at improvement. I have yet to hear negative criticism from anyone who has completed the program. I've heard lots of negative criticism from people who haven't even tried. - Pale Morning Dun

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