Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Yet another way to lose a piece

Organizing a game of human chess can be a challenging endeavor. For example, who gets to be which piece?
Certain [pieces] are more popular than others, said [New Hampshire librarian and educator Michael] Sullivan, who lectures and conducts workshops throughout the country. "Most of the elementary-aged boys end up wanting to be knights," he said. "Because dressing up as a knight is very fun."

Most young girls, said Sullivan, want to be the queen. This sometimes poses a problem, because Sullivan likes to assign pieces based on height.
Problems can also arise during the play of the game.
"When the pawns are wandering off to see their daddies, and the rooks are sitting down, it can be very difficult to visualize the game," said Sullivan.
Read "Check this out: Chess play gets physical" from the Portland (ME) Press Herald.

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