Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Resigning can be hazardous to your health

Ohio prison inmate Christopher J. Newton finally got fed up with his opponent:
"I don't mean to laugh or anything," he said with a chuckle as he recalled the fateful chess game.

"But it's stupid when you look back on it. He kept giving up. Every time I put him in check, he'd give up and want to start a new game. And I tried to tell him you never give up. You never know when your opponent is going to make a mistake. So you play it out until you can't play it out any more. I just got tired of it."
So what did he do?
Christopher J. Newton murdered his cellmate because he kept surrendering during chess games.
Read "A Death Row Republican" from The Other Paper.

Hat Tip: The Chess Buzzard (who has since seemed to have gone 404 - just like Newton's cellmate, I suppose)

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