Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Saturday, Nov 17th-- $10 Open and Nor'easters vs. Sharks in Final

Chess fans--

Some of us may have cheated on chess with a Rubik's Cube last weekend, but this Saturday's full day of chess at the Boylston Chess Club in Davis Square is not to be missed!

First, you can still use the Paypal button on the right panel to get the $10 rate for this Saturday's $10 Open. Sign up by Thursday to get the discounted rate.

Also, starting at 6PM (the middle of Round 4), we will project the games from the New England Nor'easters vs. Miami Sharks US Chess League Finals in the Skittles Room. After the $10 Open tournament is over, we will move to the main hall.

Come join us for an inexpensive chess tournament followed by live discussions of the remarkable US Chess League Final, featuring the local expansion upstarts, the New England Nor'easters!

Support the Bolyston Chess Club webmaster Alex Cherniack on Board 4, the newly minted Boylston Chess Club Champion Chris Chase on Board 3, and the talented IMs Hungaski and Shankland on Boards 2 and 1! The Nor'easters have already had an historic run; come watch to see if they can cap that amazing season with one more win.

Can a shark survive such a nasty storm?

Stay tuned all this week for even more details for these events.

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