Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Fighter: Walter Driscoll

Yessiree, in theaters now, in the movie The Fighter, is our club's own Walter Driscoll.

How lethal is this guy? Well, he KO'd me at the chess board in our last five rated encounters, an unheard of feat. Okay, maybe that's not such a difficult feat, but nobody else has given me a shellacking like that.

I spoke with the celebrity himself, who told me to pay attention after the two brothers have been arrested, when our man the Court Officer will show Christian Bale who's boss (don't blink and don't be eating popcorn or you'll miss Walter's big moment).

Happy moviegoing!

Satisfied, Art? :-)

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Ken Ho said...

I saw the flick, it's a good story and well-acted. Well, it seems well-acted to me, Grandmaster Thespian that I am (not!). Check it out, folks!

And Walter's got a tad more screen time than I thought, starting a little earlier than his big line (which gets covered a bit by that Bale guy).