Friday, December 03, 2010

Library Book Highlight: Bobby Fischer vs. Rest of World

This week in his column at Chessbase, Edward Winter discusses the controversial book, Bobby Fischer vs. the Rest of the World, by Brad Darrach, and published in 1975.
Bobby sued over the publication of this book (the suit was eventually thrown out of court). Many chess people complained that the book was a work of fiction pretending to be non-fiction. Others thought that the crisp dialogue was certainly embellished, but that it had the basic attitude of Fischer nailed.
If you are a member of the Boylston Chess Club, you can read this once-sensational title yourself for FREE, by checking our copy out of the library. We have over 2000 chess related volumes available to our members to borrow, and by highlighting some of the interesting titles in a regular blog post, I hope to spark some interest in our collection.

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