Sunday, October 28, 2012

Legends of the Fall Open

IM Marc Esserman co-won the event with a 3.5/4 score, the only draw coming to his nemesis BYE, whom he has never beaten.

Frank Wang (left) plays club stalwart Mike Griffin. Wang would go on to get 3.5 and share first with IM Esserman.

Nithin Kavi (left) faces down LM Eric "Juggernaut" Godin. This would be the only tournament all month Godin would not win. He finished 13-0-5 in Boylston games for the month of October.

Reigning club champion FM Chris Chase (left) plays Luke Lung.
 Club president and noted blog author Nathan Smolensky (left) plays William Collins. Smolensky regretfully failed as president to inform the club that it was Hawaiian Shirt Day.

The Boylston welcomes Fridrik Karlsson (left), who made his club debut with a strong 3 out of 4, good enough for the Under 1800 prize and a solid rating gain. Here, he plays up-and-comer Chen Bai.
William Wisdom (left) plays Oliver Traldi. On the next board, Alexander Roy (left) plays Tony Di Nosse.
Jerry Williams (left) plays Emmanuel Mevs. 

Join us next week for BCF Quads!

Photos courtesy of Steve Stepak.

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