Monday, October 01, 2012

Rapid Octads

Crosstable of Rapid Octads:
a very competitive field with interesting results:
1. Emmanuel Mevs Clear first with 6 points 
2. Carey Theil, clear second with 5.5 points
3-5th Eric Godin, Billy Collins and TD Nathan Smolensky with 4 points.
6-7th Dan Giaimo and Mark Neale with 3.5 points
8-9th Tom Laaman and Jerry Williams with 3 points.
10th Natasha Christiansen with  1 point.
11-13th Eddie Yi Ming Wei, Anthony di Nosse and Evan MacLure with 0 points.
Reporting and photography thanks to Steve Stepak 
Carey stops Nathan Round 1
Evan MacLure gets chess lesson from Emmanuel Mevs in post mortem of Round 1 point for white
Jerry Williams 1683 v Daniel Giaimo 1527
 Eddie ponders Round 2
Eddie vs Thomas Laaman 1730
Godin vs TD Nathan Smolensky 1733
Collins versus Mevs Round 2
Eddie Yi Ming Wei 1380
Eric J Godin 2200
Natasha Christiansen 1941 Billy Collins 2100
Carey Miles Theil 2191

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