Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Alan Price

I recently noticed that Alan Price wrote a nice article about the 2017 Amateur Team East.

When he lived Boston he played at the Boylston.  He recently became President of Erlham College.


The article refers to a game between Carissa and Denys:

(I took some of these photos but frankly I don't remember the source of most.  Apology to the photographers.)
alan price and alex slive at the herb healy 2009  photo:  oresick
charles riordan and alan price

price, alan   12-30-2005  photo:  oresick

price, alan and lawyer times  photo:  oresick

2009 U. S. Amateur Team Playoffs, East Team. Paul MacIntyre, Brian Hulse, Libardo Rueda, Alan Price

alan price and ariel martinez, 2008 us chess league championship boston blitz v dallas destiny

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