Sunday, March 10, 2024

March G/80

Long time controls are not just for Tuesday and Thursday nights. BCC’s Game 80 event gave participants the best of both worlds, a long time control and multiple games. 24 players signed up for what was surely a grueling event. 

Tim Sage, the highest rated player in the Open section, took first place as the only player to win all three games. Ray Xue, the lowest rated player in the Open section, finished a clear second with 2.5, picking up 52 rating points in the process. 

Ella Zhang won the Under Section with 2.5 out of 3.0. Ella’s been winning more than her fair share of under sections recently and I suspect she will be playing in the Open sections very soon. 

A special shout out is in order for Royce Zhang who picked up 64 rating points with a win and two draws. The performance moves him into the Top 50 in the US for his age group. 

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