Friday, June 03, 2005

Teaching chess to the younglings

I'm guessing that this particular educational program wasn't adapted from the famous St. Petersburg chess school:
Educator Stephen A. Schneider, now the Director of Atlanta-based Championship Chess and the author of The Scholastic Chess Series, will demonstrate materials and methods of teaching chess at the annual Florida Parent-Educators Association Convention in Orlando, Florida, May 26-28, 2005....

Color My Chess World is a chess readiness activity book with an accompanying music CD of short, fun songs that invite kids to dance and sing along. It builds the skills to make the introduction of chess easy and fun for very young children. Developed by certified early childhood educators and scholastic chess coaches, this program builds academic skills through chess activities designed to capture the interest of young children. Color My Chess World introduces children to the "world of chess": the chessboard, chess "characters" and chess play. Activities in the book introduce basic chess concepts while improving spatial skills, developing math and reading readiness skills, and reinforcing skills in listening and following directions.
So that's the problem with my chess game -- not enough singing and dancing during my formative years.

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