Thursday, June 02, 2005

Chess at your fingertips

It seems as though chess is going to play a role in the Internet Search wars.
On June 21, Accoona will unveil its Artificial Intelligence ToolBar, providing users the most unique experience in Web search. The Accoona AI ToolBar grants users the ability to Search the Web AND their Desktop, utilizing proprietary Artificial Intelligence Search technology that locates lost files, emails, and documents....

The Accoona AI ToolBar is also the first of its kind to offer a free, completely interactive Chess experience. Chess enthusiasts will be able to compete with others from around the World, and against the Accoona AI Chess Program included in the toolbar's technology. Accoona's ToolBar will also offer free daily chess tips and strategy sessions to toolbar users, where Chess players will be able to improve their skills over time with regular use.
While access to a chess program, playing platform and content directly from the desktop certainly isn't going to be the critical factor in Acoona's competition with well-entrenched search rivals like Google and Yahoo, this toolbar might have interesting implications for chess software and server companies. The ease of access that the toolbar provides could pose an interesting challenge to companies like Chessbase and ICC. I'm looking forward to trying out the toolbar when it is released.

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