Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Yankees Suck!

Oops! Wrong sport...

In the inaugural match of the U.S. Chess League on August 31st, the Boston Blitz scored a 2-2 tie with their dreaded foes from the Big Apple, the New York Knights. You can read a detailed report here. Apparently the key game for Boston was IM Eugene Perelshteyn's 1st board win over GM Alex Stripunsky (it was awarded Game of the Week by the league).

I thought a bit of bait and switch was going on with the roster since two of the players who played for the Blitz (FM Bill Kelleher and Expert Ilya Krasik) were not mentioned in Paul MacIntyre's newsletter piece. I have since learned that there are all sorts of rules regarding roster size and player replacements during the season. In addition, the team competing each week must have an average rating of 2400 or less (with some exceptions) which explains why many teams have Experts playing Board 4.

In the first round, the Blitz ran afoul of another league rule:
Controversy was abound before the first move had even been played, as the Boston Blitz' second board, IM Igor Foygel, had to cancel at the last minute due to a family emergency. This meant that the Blitz would have to find a replacement, and so they called on team member Paul MacIntyre. Things looked even more grim for Boston as a last second cancellation also results in a time penalty, and so MacIntyre began this game with 60 minutes whereas [IM Jay] Bonin had 90 minutes to start.
Paul overcame the time deficit and drew the game.

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