Saturday, May 06, 2006

Beware the Power of the Blogger

I played in the Quads today at the club; while it was a disastrous experience from a chess playing perspective, I did come back with this story...

In the last round I was scheduled to play FM Chris Chase. We decided to try and start the game about 20 minutes early in order to shorten our day. However, we were having difficulty getting everyone in the main playing room to quiet down so we could begin. In particular, a couple of Michaels (Griffin and Derazhne) were loudly analyzing their game from the previous round.

Finally Chris shouted out, "Hey Mike! If you guys don't quiet down, the blogger is going to write about you. Then you'll be in big trouble!"

"That's right", I piped in. "Chess players from all over the Netherlands will hear about your actions. If you show up at Corus next year, they probably won't pair you."

"Show up?", added Chris. "They won't even let you into the country."

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