Wednesday, May 24, 2006

With no winners, isn't everyone a loser?

Stories like this just drive me nuts!
There will be no losers in the chess tournament being played at Charles Bejarano Elementary School.

"They're all winners," said Larry Guerrero, their volunteer chess instructor who took over the Chess Club when two previous volunteers' jobs required them to give it up.

"Just by being here playing chess, learning the moves, learning to strategize, think several moves ahead, they're all winning," Guerrero explained. "It's not so important that there be a winner," he continued, "but that they compete, play the game with one another. That's how they learn.

"There won't be any losers. We're rewarding participation."

But there will be a prize, a hand made travelers chess set donated by Guerrero's daughter, Laura Pierce of Las Cruces, NM. It will be awarded to one of the students by way of a drawing. All the club members will have an equal chance of winning it.

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