Thursday, May 25, 2006

Chess takes on dangerous dog law

From Defend-A-Bull Blog:
Ontario's pit bull legislation gets its first major court test Monday....

Catherine Cochrane, who owns a pit bull-type dog named Chess, is the first person to challenge the controversial provincial legislation that took effect last summer....

Ruby will argue in Superior Court that the vast majority of pit bulls are just like Chess – friendly, loving animals....

Cochrane figured Chess was the perfect dog to challenge what she considers a bad law."

I thought she would put a good face to it," Cochrane said. "She's a cute, well-behaved dog and we needed that. We are just one example of lots of pit bull owners."

Chess can't chase balls or play with other dogs in the park now because Cochrane is legally bound to keep her leashed and muzzled anytime the dog is outdoors.

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