Monday, June 09, 2008

Recent Boylston Chess Club Results

Lots of action at the chess club! A new Chris is dominating the winner's circle this past month.

May 14 rapid quads

Expert Andrew Tichenor grabbed first place in the Rapid quad turned swiss.

May 17th Efim Bogoljubow Open

Chris Chase scored an impressive 3.5 over a field that included SEVEN masters. His only draw was against Bill Kelleher, who shared second with masters Chris Williams and Eric Godin. As we shall see, Chris Williams doesn't stay in second place for long.

May Thursday Night Swiss

Zaroug Jaleel improved 60 rating points in one event with his 4.0 sweep of the pretty evenly matched Thursday Night field. He puts himself in position to make the climb to expert now.

May 28th Rapid Quads

The now weekly Wednesday Night rapid quads are a breeding ground for some fun but crazy chess. Three rated games in an evening is not to be missed!

Chris Williams took the pole position over Chris Chase in the top quad, while Adam Yedidia won the 2nd quad with 2.5 out of 3. Is this the start of the reign of Chris the Second, or just a temporary blip in the BCC status quo?

May 31st Open

Another strong field of 4 masters and 5 experts showed up. Chris Williams, honing his skills on the Rapid Quads, went 4.0 to take clear first place.

June 4 Rapid Quads

Chris Williams took the top quad with 2.5. In the second quad, Seth Lieberman improved 90(!) rating points with his 3.0 win over the field. I had mentioned Seth's rapid improvement last month, but this, combined with his win in the quads (see below), now put him over 1600. Great improvement Seth! This reporter remembers his lucky last minute escape against Seth in their last encounter, so I suspect 1600 is only a rest stop on the way to even more improvement.

June 8th Quads

Chris Williams claimed first with 2.5/3. Embert Lin took the second quad. Adam Yedidia beat the 3rd quad, and Seth Lieberman broke the 1600 barrier with a victory in the 4th quad.

If you attended these events, please share your personal notes and observations in the comment section.

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