Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Weaver Adams 2008 Winners Move on to the Ruebens Landey

2008 Weaver Adams

The month of June is coming to a close and the traditional first phase of the BCFchampionship the Weaver Adams has come to a close. A hard fought four round event was co-won by Jonathan Lee and Adam Yedida (age 15)
tied for first with 3.5 points winning U1800 BCC Championship.

Jonathan Lee took the lead by winning three games in a row but drew in round four, unable to break through Ken Ho's super solid black defensive Ruy formation - Ken having knights on c6 and e7. 2008
Meanwhile Adam Yedidia out maneuvered Mike Griffin in a strategic French battle to win in round four catching up to Lee.

The usual band of WA contestant's Ed Foye, Bob Oresick, Tony Cortizas, Ted Gorczyca were complemented with the addition of Seth Lieberman, Nicholas Lesieur, Tom Pendergast, along with the very solid Khikmet Sadykov.

The new Weaver Adam's trophy was unveiled and presented by director Mike Griffin playing "Take me out to the ballgame" by blowing into said trophy. The trophy will be retired to the WA trophy archive with Jonathan and Adam's names attached as the 2008 winners.

Jonathan and Adam will move up having free entry into the Reubens/Landey BCC Qualifier U2200 Championship beginning 7/7. We wish them great success.


12742928 1 LEE, JONATHAN MAR MA 1787* 1818* W--10 W---6 W---5 D---3 3.5
12871990 2 YEDIDIA, ADAM MA 1746* 1779* D---3 W---8 W--10 W---5 3.5
12436950 3 HO, KENNETH MA 1700* 1742* D---2 W--12 W---6 D---1 3.0
13897647 4 SADYKOV, KHIKMET MA 1498/11 1619/15 W---7 L---5 W---8 W---9 3.0
10017793 5 GRIFFIN, MIKE MA 1769* 1758* W---9 W---4 L---1 L---2 2.0
13246294 6 LESIEUR, NICHOLAS MA 1646* 1630* W--11 L---1 L---3 X---0 2.0
12378850 7 CORTIZAS, ANTHONY MA 1551* 1542* L---4 L---9 W--12 W--11 2.0
12642210 8 GORCZYCA, THADDEU MA 1374* 1401* W--12 L---2 L---4 B---0 2.0
12659519 9 ORESICK, ROBERT J MA 1512* 1511* L---5 W---7 H---0 L---4 1.5
12604895 10 LIEBERMAN, SETH MA 1603* 1591* L---1 W--11 L---2 F---0 1.0
13869178 11 PENDERGAST, THOMA MA 1237/14 1220/17 L---6 L--10 B---0 L---7 1.0
12888390 12 FOYE, EDWARD FRAN MA 1659* 1606* L---8 L---3 L---7 U---0 0.0

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