Sunday, June 22, 2008

Recent Results at the Boylston Chess Club

June 11 Quick Quads

Lawyer Times demonstrated why one should never count out masters who may temporarily dip below 2200-- He won the Wed Night Quick Quad with 2.5. Scroll ahead and you will see Lawyer's name a bunch this month.

June 14th Fiesta Open

IM David Vigorito had been scarcely seen at the Boylston Chess Club since March, but he returned to the top by wiping up the sparsely attended June 14th Open with a 4.0 score. Lawyer Times took clear 2nd with a 3.0 score, including a win over master Chris Chase.

June 18th Rapid Quads

IM Vigorito and master Lawyer Times shared first place with a 2.0 score in a strong all master quad. Carey Theil took first in the other section, a swiss of 6 players.

June 21st BCF Somerville Open

Lawyer Times, clearly in sharp form, went 4.0 over a strong field that included three masters and six experts. Lawyer has now taken 1st or 2nd in the last four BCF events.

YOU should stop by for the upcoming Wed., Thursday, or weekend club events. Can YOU unseat Lawyer's run of top finishes?

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