Sunday, August 09, 2009

$10 Open draws 42 players, including 9 masters

The $10 Open remains one of the most popular tournaments sponsored by the BCF. The club provides a stimulus for one's chess budget which works as well as cash for clunkers.

Saturday's event was no exception - drawing 42 players, including 9 masters (Shmelov, Esserman, Theil, Riordan, Times, Williams, Cherniack, Pismenny, and Chase.)

Denys Shmelov (2506) won the open section (n = 27)with a perfect 4.0. Marc Esserman (2456) and Carey Theil (2261) tied for 2nd with 3.5.

In the U1800 section (n = 16), there was a 5-way tie with 3.0 points: Amrit Gupta, Bernardo Iglesias, Ryan Ottavanio, Steven Stepak, and Matthew Reale-Hatem.

Directed with finesse as usual by Bernardo Iglesias.

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