Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Reubens Landey round 4 - Kaden still undefeated.

In last night's round 4 of the annual Reubens Landey tournament, Gregory Kaden faced off with Simon Warfield and at the end of the day remained undefeated. Farzad Abdi took out Zaroug Jaleel to enter round 5 with 3.5 points, so next week it is Farzad Abdi vs Gregory Kaden.

The winner of Abdi-Kaden will be invited to play with the masters in the annual Boylston championship. Kaden entered the Reubens Landey rated at 2178 and now after 4 rounds is 2204. If he wins, in addition to the invitation he would earn the National Master title.

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