Saturday, August 22, 2009

Lawyer Times wins the Charles Drafts Memorial

The 16th Annual Charles Drafts memorial tournament drew 32 players, including some new faces and absent some regulars.

NM Lawyer Times won the open section with 4.0 of 4. Gabe Frieden and Dan Leach shared second place honors with scores of 3.0. Gabe is playing well, having just shared 1st place in the U1900 section of the 39th Continental Open in Sturbridge last weekend.

The under 1900 section was won by young Ben Yuan with 4.0. He had come to the US from China two months ago to join his father, attended the Boylston chess camp with Jacob Rasin last week, and played and won his first four tournament games for a provisional rating of 2142.

The event was directed by Bernardo Iglesias and the prize fund was guaranteed by Walter Driscoll as he has done for 16 years to remember Charlie Drafts You may not know that Walter is a chess traveler, an actor, and a stand-up comedian. You can catch him at the Burren, on Elm St. near the club, at 10:00 pm on Sept. 9th.

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