Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Mass Open 2010

Seventy two people played in the three day Open along with 62 participants in the one day events, 96 scholastic participants, and 23 blitz players.

GM Alexander Ivanov and IM Igor Foygel quickly drew their final game to be state co winners with 5 points in six rounds in the Open.

The big upset being Kapil Chandran 2110 holding Ivanov to a draw in round one.

In the U2000 open section Dragan Vidanovic won with a hard fought 4 1/2 points. Stephen Brudno gave Vidanovic his only defeat. In the U1800 Mike Griffin, Thomas Provost Sr, and Alexander Wei finished a three way tie with 4 1/2 points. Wei (1543) did not lose a single game. Buddhadeb Biswas won the U1600 open section having been defeated only once by Jenshiang Hong.

Chris Chase scored 9 out a possible 10 pints to become Mass Blitz State champ in a field of 23.

The Scholastic four round contests: the Grades K-3 Under 1200 was won by tie break by Anton Barash with Sandeep Shankar and Conway Xu all with 3 points. The Grades K-3 Under 600 was won by Matthew Ding having 4 points. The K-6 U1400 was won by Evan C Meyer with 4 points.

The K-6 U800 was won by Kira Porter by tie break over David Yashgur both with scores of 3 1/2. K-12. Under 1500 was won with a perfect 4 by Daniel Blessing. And K-12 Under 900 was won by Justin Wu with a perfect 4.

Some other facts: George Mirijamian stepped down from MACA after 40 years of affiliation. Harold Dondis (age 86) played all 6 rounds only loosing to the fire ball undefeated Alexander Wei (age 11). Dondis held two hard fought long draws his last two rounds.

The directing corps of Alexander Relyea, Ken Ballou, Bob Messenger, and George Mirajamian did their usual great job directing. George also ran a book auction for MACA.

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