Saturday, June 12, 2010

Summer events at our southern neighbors - Blackstone Chess Center

As you may know, it is pretty easy to get to the Blackstone Chess Center in Pawtucket, and many events, like the upcoming Blackstone Rapids, take just a few hours in the afternoon, leaving plenty of time to do the other things we need to do in our busy lives!

Hope you can come visit us for one of these upcoming events!
BLACKSTONE RAPIDS --- Saturday, June 12, 1pm NOT Rated

Blackstone Rapids this weekend, G/25 10 second increment
*not* USCF rated. $12, $10 for members. 3 round Swiss.Open, and under 1700. Sections with 10+ players could be 4 rounds. *No* Online Entries. Register by 1:00pm to play.
(Late entries can get 1/2 point bye in round 1, arrive by 1:55)

GM/IM Free. Prizes: $200 based on 20 entries


SUMMER WARMUP --- Saturday, June 19 11:30am USCF Rated Stay cool while you warm up for the summer tournaments in the comfort of our air conditioned space, with a nice cold beverage!

Game 70, plus 5 second delay. Entry Fee $15, $12 for members, $12 family rate, Round 1 11:30am, Rd.2 2pm Rd.3 4pm or ASAP.Open/Under 1700. 3 round swiss. 1/2 point by Rd1 1 only. GM/IM Free. Prizes: $200 based on 16 entries
Save $2 and enter the Summer Warmup online!


We plan on having one Game/70 to Game/80 3-round one-day event each month, in addition to June 19, we have July 17th and August 21st on the calendar. Aug. 20-22 we are holding a 5-round FIDE-rated tournament, details will be posted soon, and in the July Chess Life and online USCF TLA ( ).

David HarrisBlackstone Chess
250 Main St, Pawtucket RI
1.877.747.6464 1.401.751.6239

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