Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Chess and Flopping

Intently the players are fighting a fierce battle slamming on the analog clock with flags hanging on their edges. When all of a sudden the slamming of the clock caused the button to pop up against the opponents’ hand; when he is seen flying to the ground grabbing his ankle writhing in pain.
The TD imposes the new Armageddon penalty shot: two minutes on each clock, the fouled player with the King, and the offender with King Bishop and Knight. A mate is needed in two minutes or the fouled player wins.

Watching the World Cup has been entertaining except for all this flopping. Who would ever have thought that good acting would be part of a players arsenal. I wish that flopping would be regarded as bad sportsmanship. Chess is so tough that going to the bathroom is suspect.

What do you think should be the appropriate penalty if caught flopping?

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Mike Griffin


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