Thursday, July 05, 2012

Carissa Yip

Players at the Boylston may encounter Carissa Yip, a disarmingly sweet young girl.  Don't be fooled - you will be in for a great game.  She is only 8 years old and in June was the number 9 player under 8 in the United States.  Her July rating is 1751, but she has already reached 1810 and accelerating.

Read the article by Grant Welker in the Sentinel Enterprise, with quotes from other Boylston members GM Larry Christiansen and George Mirijanian:


Chess queen is just 8

By Grant Welker,

Read more:

CHELMSFORD -- Percy Yip first taught his daughter chess when she was 6, but she wasn't supposed to be able to beat him within a year. She did, and she's beaten most other adults that have come her way, too.

Carissa Yip isn't just a local phenomenon at places like the Wachusett Chess Club or MetroWest Chess Club, both places where she's beaten people who've been playing since long before she was born. She's presently rated the best 8-year-old girl chess player in the country, and she's been invited to represent the United States at an international tournament in Slovenia in November.

Larry Christiansen, a three-time United States champion and four-time runner-up who's also written 10 books on chess, has seen Carissa's ability firsthand. She's always asking questions, always wants to learn, and has a great problem-solving ability, he said.

"She has an amazing level of concentration, which is very rare for someone 8 years old," said Christiansen, a grandmaster who has taught Carissa in person and online since last year. "It's amazing, really."


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