Thursday, July 12, 2012

Maintaining the Boylston Club

Because we are an all-volunteer, non-profit organization, it can be difficult to maintain the Boylston Chess Club.

Last night, Board President Charles Riordan and I spent a few hours cleaning up our space.  Please help us keep the club clean and neat.  If you bring food in the club, for example, please clean up after yourself.

Finally, we have many items in our Lost and Found box including clothing, sunglasses, and a helmet.  Please take a moment the next time you are at the club to go through the box, which is in the TD room near the second door, and see if any of these items belong to you.

Because the Lost and Found is taking up so much space, we will have to dispose of the items on August 1.  If you think you might have an item there, please look before this deadline.

I know we all love our club, so let's work together to take care of it!


Robert Oresick said...

thanks for the clean up. bob

Ken said...

Thanks, guys.

If there are any rating points in the Lost and Found box, they're mine.

CTheil said...

LOL Ken. :)

Robert Oresick said...

Guys, I looked carefully at the club this evening. You did so much work! Thanks.