Tuesday, July 03, 2012


Reubens Landey U2200 Championship underway


Round 1 of the Reubens Landey BCF U2200 Championship was played on Monday, July 2.
We have a tournament with two titled National Masters competing with a field of 1800s. 

(The BCF board had moved to make entrance into the Boylston Championship more rigorous by changing the entry criteria.  Only club  masters who had a rating of 2200+ in June are invited into the championship.)

We would like to have more 1900 players join in.  It is a five-round event, so you can enter with a 1st round 1/2 point bye and be in the running for the remaining four rounds.  Email the TD at oresick@gmail.com to register.


Ken said...

Per an earlier conversation of mine with Simon and checking his recent rating history, I don't believe he is a titled National Master, but perhaps you have someone else in mind besides Carey?

Robert Oresick said...

my mistake. You are correct. I had erroneously thought Simon had become a master at one point. Ok, so this should be the year... Go Simon.