Tuesday, February 26, 2013


TD Bernardo Iglesias gives a general information speech to kick-off the first round of the premier event on the BCC calendar: the PARAMOUNT.  This is a thinking person's event: 10 rounds, double round robin.  The time control is: 40 moves in 90 minutes (+5" delay) and then G/60. A nuance in the time control is: after 3 hours of play, the game may be adjourned and resumed on a day agreed to by the players.  So this event is for players who like to think out complex combinations and strategies on the board and need the time to do so and who enjoy analyzing adjourned positions and resuming the game like was done in the "old days" . . . in the time of Bobby Fischer, for example.  Today, due to the proliferation of chess programs like Rybka (3199), Fritz (3080), Shredder (3058) and now Houdini (rating 3287) there is no more adjournment option, neither in professional chess play or most amateur club play. So the BCC Paramount may be one of the last places on earth where there is indeed an adjournment.
Section 1: Nathan Smolensky v Brian Perez-Daple; Ted Cross v Eric Godin; 
Ed Astrachan v Jonathan Lee. Section 2: Thomas Carr v Timothy O'Malley; Thomas Pendergast v Anthony Cortizas; Bernardo Iglesias (player) got the bye.
NM Eric Godin
BCC Haupturnier Champion, Ted Cross
Cross (right) vs Godin, Round 1
Pendergast (right) - Cortizas: a robust handshake.
 O'Malley v Carr, friendly beginning , . .

Perez-Daple, black vs Nathan Smolensky, BCC President
Astrachan vs Lee
Bernardo Iglesias TD and participant.
SPECIAL NOTICE: If there is a chess player who has a rating under1800 and would like to join the PARAMOUNT for next Monday's game, please notify Bernardo by phone or email. This would even up the 2 sections with 6 players each.  This is a chance of a lifetime: a 2RR 10 round tourney! Now that's getting your money's worth -- plus the very long time-controls for deep calculations!
Be in touch !
The BCC also extends invitation to all interested people who would like to come over to the Club to watch this event in progress. The only consideration to hold is that when you are in the  the tournament room, you must be silent. So watch the games and discuss them, quietly, in the Skittles Room, and/or pick up an off-hand game of chess. Come, enjoy, observe, and play chess.
PARAMOUNT: Round 1 results:
Section 1: Ted Cross v Eric Godin  adjourned; Nathan Smolensky v Brian Perez-Daple 0-1; 
Edward Astrachan v Jonathan Lee 0-1;  Section 2: Timothy O'Malley v Thomas Carr 1-0; Thomas Pendergast v Anthony Cortizas 1-0; Bernardo Iglesias (bye)

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