Wednesday, February 27, 2013


NOTE: ZURICH 2013, featuring Kramnik, World Champion Anand, Caruna, and Gelfand is one of the strongest professional chess tournaments of the year taking place now through March 1st.
[March 1st report: Stunning. Caruna beats Gelfand; Anand tops Kramnik. 
Caruna wins 2R QUADS in Zurich by 1 point.  See for details.]
And it's a QUAD, a double round QUAD.
So in the spirit of World Chess, you can play in a QUAD, too, right in Somerville, MA, 
at the Boylston Chess Club. And yes, don't forget it will be already the 2nd day of March, Saturday. Come and register for the Rounds: 1: at 10:00am, 2: at 12:40pm, and 3: at 3:00pm.  
Please consult the Calendar of BCC Events for more details!
The BCC QUADS is a marvelous event, preferred by kids and adults alike. Grouped into 4s by rating, you get a chance to try out your opening traps and endgame technique without worrying that you will be paired with a grandmaster in the first round. If you are a 1500 player, chances are that you will play other people with very similar ratings.  So sharpen your pencils and pack your lunch for the first BCC event of the new month.
3RR G/60 (+5" delay)
Water and scoresheets provided
See you all tomorrow for BCC QUADS!

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