Sunday, October 06, 2013


Conway Xu: undefeated, scores 2 points to share 1-2nd place
with Nithin Kavi. Conway reached 2004 on the
rating charts.
NM Eric Godin vs Nithin Kavi.
Little by little, Nithin is just getting good!
Undefeated, he too scored 2 points to share 1-2nd place.
Richard Kahn vs Mike Griffin,  Round 2.
Mike has a sense of victory with 2 wins and a draw: clear 1st.
With this result, Mike pushes his rating +8 over 1800. Bravo, Mike!
Sandeep Shankar vs Seth Lieberman,  Round 2.
Sandeep scored 2 points to come in clear 2nd.
Battle of the hats
                                                                                                           Photo: Farzad Abdi
Harold Dondis, Esq. plays black vs Steve Stepak, Round 3.
[I have been playing Harold for over 30 years. To date, he's one
up on me. This QGD game was creative and I was slightly 
worse after 15 moves. By the end, the game was equal.
But I could not check my compulsion to exchange rooks
in a rook, bishops-of-same-color, +3 kingside pawns endgame.
With rooks on the board, the position was easy to draw.
With only bishops, I thought I could hold, but made
a bad plan: my king went on an adventure which
cost me a pawn and the game. Bravo Harold for
your perserverance.]
Harold won the QUAD with 2.5 points: clear 1st.
And, with this result, Harold's rating is +6 over 1700! Bravo, Harold!
George Norman vs Suraj Ramanathan, Round 3.
Suraj scored 1.5 points to share 2-3rd place with Steve Stepak.
9 yr old Suraj boosts his rating +6 over 1500. Bravo, Suraj!
3SS (SmallSwiss)
Will Wisdom, black vs Tony DiNosse, Round 1.
Will scored a perfect 3-0 to take clear first place.
Tony finished with 2 points for clear 2nd.
Boshen Li plays Natasha Christiansen in a training game.
Thank you, Natasha! Boshen had 1 point in the 3SS for 3rd place.
(Background): Sammi Pan plays black vs Jeffery Weinstein,
Round 1. Jeff reach a new rating milestone at 1400!
Bravo Jeffrey!
                                                                                                           Photo: Steve Stepak
NM Farzad Abdi poses with Harold Dondis in a "practice" shot.
Farzad, who took the Dondis-Stepak photo above, also
spent time with us, discussing rook and pawn 
ending in the BCC skittles room,
a session which was for me thought-provoking
and profound. The point is: I understood the
endgame technique, but when it is time to make and perform the
correct play, can I (or anyone) do it at the board?
--especially during time-pressure! This is the eternal question!
Nathan Smolensky plays black vs Nithin Kavi, Round 2.
Nathan did a spotless job as TD in running the event.
                                               Photo Farzad Abdi
Harold Dondis, Esq. who can claim that he
beat Bobby Fischer in 1964,
is still winning his section(s) in 2013.
Harold had his 91st birthday on October 1st.
Happy Birthday, Harold.
And may we share many more
of your years and chess games together
in peace and creativity!

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