Monday, November 06, 2017

Hugh Alexander Memorial

Banner:  Tony Cortizas, Jr.

DateSaturday, Nov 11 - Sunday, Nov 12
Event Format4SS
Time ControlG/90 d10
SectionsOpen, U1800
Entry Fee$60, $40 for BCF Members, $5 more if not registering online
Prizes$600 based on 25 paid entries: Open 1st $300, 2nd $150; U1800 1st $150
Registration9:15am - 9:45am
Round Times10:00am and 2:30PM each day
DescriptionIM Hugh Alexander was an Irish-born British cryptanalyst, chess player, and chess writer. He worked on decrypting the German Enigma machine during the Second World War. His most notable chess results were tying for first place with David Bronstein in the Hastings 1953/54 tournament and winning the British chess championship twice. 
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