Monday, August 16, 2010

Chess and Nantasket Beach: Part Tres

RE The Intelligent Seagull:

"It makes perfect sense: Most of us have average intelligence but then every so often you get a super genius. Why not the same with seagulls?" - Ross Eldridge

The Intelligent Seagull realizes a particular cluttered beach blanket is unoccupied. Sitting smack dab in the middle of the mess is an opened giant red box of Cheez-its.

Quietly The Intelligent Seagull strolls towards lunch closing in; when out of the blue charges a 3 1/2 year old girl waving her arms and running at the frustrated Intelligent Seagull, who has to abort the mission. Many decades ago my daughter Melissa would say: "I like to fly the seagulls!" And so today our submarine sandwiches and Cheesz-its appear to be safe.

No worries man - I'm in paradise.

My mind shifts to beaches with anomalies: when you visit beautiful Stinson Beach of northern California you ask what's so special about the surf here that attracts so many surfers? Well perpendicular to the beach runs a natural barrier that causes the waves to run great distances: the infamous San Andreas Fault.

People claim that the Bermuda Triangle is an anomaly that sinks ships and downs planes.

Well I have discovered a new anomaly: the Super Intelligent Zone at Nantasket Beach: Across from the Red Parrot bar/restaurant resides some of the most intelligent beachgoers and seagulls.

Photo of Red Parrot, Hull, MA

Side view of The Red Parrot

How else can you explain that it is here that Dr Jon Lee randomly picks to go swimming. Or GM Alexander Invaov and his wife NWM Ester Epstein park themselves here. And former Quincy Chess Club member Kevin Crawford picks this place to set up his set and clock to raise money for the Merchant Marines. Now myself and all the above mentioned could pick anywhere along four miles of beach, but we all end up here. There must be some kind of special karma centered in front of the 50 foot footprint of the Red Parrot. This is getting pretty weird.

No worries man - I'm in paradise.

I wonder what the Intelligent Seagull plays with white? Well maybe if the 3 ½ year old limits his food opportunities he might join us in a game.

Do you know of other chess anomalies?
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Mike Griffin
(graphics by Bob Oresick)

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