Saturday, August 21, 2010

Chess: So Long Good Friends

Ben and Jainping Yuan are going home back to Shanghai China.

About a year ago Ben Yuan walked into the BCF; his strong play and engaging personality made him one of the club's favorites. Ben (now 12 years old) also holds court at Cambridge A Bon Pain where he destroys most opponents at blitz. Ben has developed a following who watch in admiration in Cambridge as he wins most chess games. Ben's dad, Jainping Yuan went to BU to get an advanced degree in statistics. Now it is time to go home. Ben plans on returning to the Boston area in several years as a student. I hope we can stay attentive, keeping Ben and Jainping in our network, and if possible give Ben help in coming back.

Safe journey Ben and Jainping. Prosperity and happiness until we meet again.

Do you have any message to leave with Ben and Jainping?

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Mike Griffin


(graphics by Bob Oresick)

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