Friday, October 22, 2010

Chess: BCF Looking for a Permanent Home

A couple of months ago at the BCF Board meeting Carey Theil gave a presentation discussing the exploration of the option to purchase condo office space for the club. Working with Clerk Charles Riordan, President Jason Rihel, with input from Treasurer Bob Oresick they defined the parameters/model upon which the BCF could obtain a mortgage to purchase its own space. For the first time ever, this out of the box thinking defines what is needed to own the box. These guys contacted banks that specialize in loans to non profits and determined that given our current cash flow plus a $50,000 down payment we could give the BCF a permanent home. After some brainstorming during the meeting we tabled discussion to reflect on this lofty but achievable possibility of coming up with $50K.

So the BCF is looking for a many small benefactors, a few good benefactors, or one great benefactor, or all of the above. If you are writing your kids out of the will, remember the BCF. If you don't need $50k for thirty or forty years, remember us. If you are buds with Bill Gates and Warren Buffet please drop them a hint. Perhaps the board should instruct Bob Oresick to purchase one Megabucks ticket every week thus creating hope that someday we might have our own chess digs.

What are your suggestions in achieving this lofty goal? What Megabucks number should we play? Please Comment. Thank You. Mike Griffin

(Jason Rihel wishes Boylston could have a spot like the St. Louis club. Our historic club, one of the oldest in the nation, deserves it. We are part of the sports and arts culture of Boston and should be marketed as such).

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