Monday, October 11, 2010

President's Statement about BCC plans

Dear Chess Players,

As the new President of the Boylston Chess Foundation, I first want to thank the members for putting their faith in me to lead our chess club in the coming year. Second, to recap the past year—whew! Without help from the members, we would have survived neither the recent economic financial disaster that crippled so many other non-profits nor the spring floods that threatened our space in Somerville. Thanks to the members, we have withstood both.

I would like to outline my vision for the club. I have three major goals. The first two goals are straightforward and I hope will be accomplished in the coming year. The last goal is more challenging, and I expect it will take a five year plan and a lot of work.

My first goal for the club is to expand the scope of the chess club beyond playing tournaments. We have already added several activities in this vein. Tuesday Night casual/beginner night, led by Sean Ingham, and hosting the US Chess League New England Nor’easters represent two of our non-tournament events. I would like to see more of this activity. Some ideas include non-standard chess events, like Chess-960 (Fischer-random), more GM/IM lectures, and Internet matches with other clubs. With just a few volunteers, we can radically expand the events, both tournaments and non-tournaments for members.

My second goal, related to the first, is to expand the scholastic chess opportunities through the Boylston Chess Foundation. In particular, I would like to emphasize young players within our regular tournaments, scholastic events, lessons, grants, scholarships, and lectures. I want more publicity and support for our young members who shine in both championships and development. I am happy to work hard with any parents, coaches, and players who want to expand our scholastic chess outreach.

Finally, my long term goal for the club is to acquire a permanent space. The flood of the past spring has highlighted how precarious our situation in Somerville, or any rental space, is. I would like to see our club have a permanent home for years and years into the future. This past year, we have examined some long term options for our club, and we believe that with a concerted fund-raising effort over the next five years, we would be in the position to acquire a permanent home. It will not be easy, but with more help from the members, I think we can achieve this. Imagine—a permanent home for the club.

Chess in the Boston area is as strong as ever. I see the Boylston Chess Foundation playing its integral part this coming year and many years into the future.

Jason Rihel
President, Boylston Chess Foundation

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