Friday, October 01, 2010

New England Still Undefeated. Boston Blitz win to claim sole 2nd place

Hello Boston-area chess fans!

On Wednesday night both local teams scored major victories against teams in the West, as New England remained undefeated against the St. Louis Archbishops and the Boston Blitz won over the strong San Fran. Mechanics.

Here are my recaps of the action, in Tweet-sized blasts (no more than 140 characters per comment, per Twitter rules). All the games can be found here.
Photos as always from the archive of Tony Cortizas, Jr.

New England Noreasters 3.5-0.5 over St. Louis Archbishops.

Board 1. GM Finegold of St. Louis needed a win. King's Indian became an equal end that is better for Shank. GM blundered a pawn and lost the game.

Board 2. NE- IM Vigorito 1 after IM Brooks blundered a pawn. NE up 2-0 with the top boards impressing. Vigorito sits atop the USCL MVP rankings!

Board 3. Chase game a bonus; match already won. Crazy stuff: Chris was better,worse,losing,won. Too many errors for game of the week, but exciting.

Board 4. NE’s Theil didn’t lose to a 12 year old girl as he promised, but drew. Victim of USCL upset prize. Draw clinched match, he was better.

Boston Blitz vs. San Francisco Mechanics. Blitz win 2.5-1.5

Board 1. GM Larry vs. GM Kraai. Don’t castle to opposite sides against Christiansen! Larry’s attack was clean and efficient. Boston up 1-0.

Board 2. Marc’s TN (Qxg2) wasted when IM Z. dropped piece w/ Bf5. Marc wanted to offer takeback. Ng3 and Marc has a queen sac for Game of the Year.

Board 3. Black’s 2 Bs and White’s weak pawns proved 2 much 2 hold a draw. Corke’s 1st loss didn’t hurt the team. All eyes turned to Ilya on Board 4.

Board 4. Ilya was worse and low on time for 40+ moves. Played accurately and made holding the draw look easy. Clinched the team win after midnight

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