Thursday, October 21, 2010

Update: New England Sweep Carolina, Clinches Division!

Breaking news-- New England has officially clinched the division title and is poised to secure the best single season USCL record with just 1.5 points from next week's match!

Despite a significant ratings advantage, many prediction blogs were suggesting that Carolina could draw the match with the confident and playoff secure Nor'easters.

Instead, New England smashed the Cobras with a clean 4-0 sweep. This sends a clear message to cross-town rivals, the Boston Blitz, who scored only an anemic draw against the bottom-dwelling Cobras last week. The New England Nor'easters have continued to prove that they can win on every board, every week.

Indeed, it is only the 2nd 4-0 sweep of any team in the entire USCL. The other 4-0 victim? The Boston Blitz, all the way in week 1 against the New York Knights. Boston faces New York again next week in the last round of the season in what may turn out to be a preview of the first round of the playoffs. Although there is still some flux among New York, Baltimore, and New Jersey for the final two spots (New York is assured of a playoff spot, but which spot?), if the season ended today, New England would face Baltimore with draw odds, while Boston would face New York with draw odds. While New England is playing next week for gravy, a win in the last round by Boston could send New York to the 4 spot, where they would rematch with New England in playoff Round 1.

No matter what, the playoff picture for the two Boston-area teams is full of exciting possible matchups, with a good chance that the Blitz and Nor'easters must duke it out to earn a spot in the final. Boston is the only team to nick the Nor'easters for a half-point this season, so you know we would like to see that rematch! And at least one of these teams must go toe-to-toe with the regular Boston-area sports enemy, the New York Knights.

Stay tuned for coverage of all the action!

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