Wednesday, December 26, 2012

BCC Social Event of the New Year: Play, Eat, Reunite . . .

This Tuesday, New Year's Day: Herb Healy Memorial:

New Years Day 2013: Game 40 in 2 Sections: Rated and non-Rated (means no USCF membership required or rating points risked. So absolutely everybody invited. Come bring a friend! See: Boylston Chess Club Home Page, "Calendar of BCC Events" for details.)
And: Free Food! Everyone loves to eat deli, drink soda, coffee, tea and eat lots of cakes and cookies. So bring your appetite.
Irv Yaffe, (1921-2012) lived to be 91 years old, and catered BCC's Herb Healy for many decades. He was a vibrant member of the Club and always a willing volunteer for many of the BCC's activities. He will be sorely missed.  Yet, the show will go on. Old and New people step up to the plate to bring the Greater Boston Area its premier social event: the Herb Healy Memorial. So be inspired. There will be lots of food, lots of chess and lots of good cheer. Come, meet chess players from all over the greater New England area who have been connected with the Boylston Chess Club over the many decades of its existence. So come to play, eat and socialize!
Irv Yaffe, setting up at thee BCC (circa 1990).

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