Sunday, December 09, 2012


NM Chris Williams tied for first with 3 points out of 4 with IM Mark Esserman in the Open Section of the Dec. 8 $10 Open, held at the Boylston Chess Club, Somerville, MA. 
There were 30 people participating.

NM Eric Godin (3-4th Open Section) faces expert Arthur Nugent in Round 2

Luke Lung (3-4th Open Section) plays Oliver Traldi in Round 2

Nithin Kavi (left) takes on Eddie Wei in Round 2. Kavi would take clear first in U1950 section with 3.5 points.
In the background, Thomas Brinkmann has black vs Robert Holmgren

Aashish Welling (left) with Black beats Andrew Boyer to take clear 2nd in the U1950 section.

Eric Feng goes undefeated with 3.5 points to clinch 1st Place in the U1650 Section.

Matthew Duncan Manzo placed clear 2nd in the U1650 section with 3 points.

Jesse Nicholas (left) plays against NM Chris Williams (right) in Round 2.
Carissa Yip writes down her move vs Nathan Smolensky, President of the Boylston Chess Club
who took the full point.

Chess makes you smart: Eddie Wei diligently writes down his moves.

$10 Open, R3: Gary Brassard plays David Ferreira with black.
Feng vs Thomas and James Hankard vs Pooja Welling go on in the background.

The tournament was  highly competitive.  A good time was had by all.

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