Friday, December 07, 2012


Tomorrow, Saturday, 4 Round Swiss, in 3 sections: Open, Under 1950 and Under 1650.
This tournament is especially enjoyed by children (of all ages).
Time Control: Game 60 with 5 second delay on digital clock. Better to bring your own digital clock
for the 5 second delay. Club provides limited number of digital clocks and analog clocks (without delay).
Regisration from 9:15 am to 9:55. Round 1 at 10:00 am; Round 2, 12:40 pm; Round 3, 3:00 pm and Round 4 at 5:10 pm.  Times for rounds vary somewhat depending on volume of regisration. Bring your own lunch. Drinking water provided. Write your moves down--pens provided.
Kids play chess at the BCC Saturday 4 round Swiss
Lots of fun. Test your brain. Sharpen your focus.
Lunchtime is always full of chess analysis and laughs.

Young and Old, Big and Little face off:
A game of the logic and wit.
The joy of performing a winning line.
BCC Chess Masters provide the rigor of tournament play
and, after the game is over,  friendly and instructive tips
on how you might have selected a more powerful line of play.
Girls play chess too!  Work your brain. Experience the satisfaction of a well-thought-out plan.
Chess sets and mats provided. Bring your own donuts.

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