Wednesday, December 12, 2012

GM Larry Christiansen a Spectacular Success

Here are my first impressions of the GM Larry Christiansen 2 Tuesday of the Month Simul, in photos.  First let me say that I (Steve Stepak, Photographer) played 2 games with GM Christiansen and I learned 2 things right off the bat: firstly, Larry really knows his stuff, even after 10 moves of book theory; and secondly, I know nothing about the Caro Kann Defense, which I offered as a response to his 1.e4.

Now to the first impressions in photos:

setting up the boards

GM Christiansen comfortable, even with seasoned tournament player.

This boy loves to come to the Christiansen simuls

Three more seasoned tournament players ponder their positions . . .

Larry C: Full House

Larry plays while Nathan Smolensky, President of the Boylston Chess Club
chats with BCF board member and WCM Natasha Christiansen, Larry's wife.

the boy gets some fatherly advice . . .

Yesterday, everyone came to play!

The curious came to watch and to play . . .

Happy Holidays to all, and please join us again for the next simul on January 8th, 2013!

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