Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Boylston Haupturnier

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DateMondays, September 10 - November 5
Event FormatRound robin
Time Control30/90 SD/30 d10
SectionsPlayers will be arranged into round robin sections
Entry Fee$35, $20 for BCF members, $5 more if not registering online in advance
PrizesBased on entries
Registration6:30pm - 7:00pm
Round Times7:15pm
DescriptionWinner will be seeded into 2019 Club Championship
Entry ListCurrent Pre-Registration List


Invitations to the BCC Championship tournament have been sent out to all masters in the club and the winners of the Reubens-Landey qualifier and the grand prix.
For those of you not invited (U2200), now is the time to register your interest in playing in the

- a round-robin tournament which runs in parallel to the Boylston Club Championship.
Originally you would play in a ten member RR under the same format as the championship and you could observe the championship games. The top ten by rating will be entered; if more than ten register, we may have a second section.
The Hauptturnier I believe was initiated by Bob Fuhro to provide a challenging event for the best club players who hadn't qualified for the Championship.

After extensive discussion the board voted to limit the Hauptturnier to the 10 highest rated players who register.

If more than 10 players register, the lower rated players will play in a Swiss or Round Robin.  Year to year, the number of players varies.
Depending on interest we may run the Hauptturnier in round robin sections of players with comparable ratings - the exact format will be decided in discussion with the players and TDs at the first round on September 10.   The round robin pairings will be set on September 10, so entry will be closed at that time.
 Robert Oresick

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