Sunday, December 12, 2004

BCC Improvement Survey

We are conducting a survey on how to improve the BCC for the new year.

Click this link to take the survey

The online survey is very quick: a few questions you can just click on, and a couple of free response questions where you can type out your detailed thoughts.

Please respond to it and ask your chess friends to respond as well. Even - especially - if they don't play at the club. We want to know how to attract them as players and perhaps as members.

We sent out about 700+ emails to:

  • BCC members past and present
  • Players at BCC events past and present
  • Players at some local clubs
  • Any one who ever played at the BU Open
Naturally, many of the email addresses will be out of date. And we have about 600+ players at the BCC with no known email address. We will send many of them a request to participate, but, again, please ask friends in your circle to participate in the survey.

And come to the annual Herb Healy on New Years day afternoon for chess, chess friends, and food.

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